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"If you don't take time for health today, you will have to make time for illness tomorrow." -Author unknown
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Link 4 Diabetes develops a relationship with clients through ongoing follow-up to assist with accountability for successful diabetes management.

  • Individual diabetes education consults provided in-home or at Link 4 Office.
    Group diabetes education provided at your location.
  • Initial appointments usually last approximately 1 hour and include interactive discussion to obtain medical, nutrition, physical activity, well-being, and environmental histories.  This information is used to establish agreed-upon goals and identify strategies for achieving those goals.
  • Follow-up appointments usually last approximately 30-45 minutes and include coaching to develop skills needed to execute strategies and to make and maintain healthy diabetes-related lifestyle change.
  • Please call for an appointment and pricing.
  • Please have your provider complete this referral form prior to your appointment.
  • Link 4 Diabetes is a Medicare and Medicaid provider and is contracted with many major insurance companies.

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